Adding Students

To add students, on the left hand side menu, click on the student module. studentpic50 picture

studentmodule1700 picture
This will bring you to the student window.

studentmodule2700 picture

There are three panels in the Student Window:
1. Student list - left side
2. Student information - center
3. Student, parents and teacher logs - right side

Student list

This is where all the students that you have added will appeared. At the bottom of this panel are the plus and minus signs to add or delete student(s) from your list.

To view a student's information or logs, simply click on the desired student and his/her information will appeared on the middle panel. Any logs that you have made about the student will appeared on the right panel.

Student information

This area serves two purpose.

  1. When you clicked on a student on the left side, the information for that student will appear here.
  2. This is also where you will add new student if you clicked the plus sign to add new student from the Student list. There is also a save button at the bottom of this panel.

To add a new student, click on the plus sign from the bottom left panel. Then in the middle panel, enter the student's information. Click the Save button when finished and it will appeared on the list on the left panel.

To add a picture, you click on the purple plus sign next to the default graphic. Once you've selected a picture, you may resized it before clicking done. After the picture has been placed, there are two addition purple buttons on the right side of the picture box that allow you to rotate the picture.

If you click on Other, make sure you select Photos from the Media heading and not from Picture.

You can also click and drag from iPhoto, or another location such as in Finder, into the box.

studentpicture picture

Student, Parents and Teacher Logs

This is where all logs/notes that you make regarding the student(s).

To make a log about a student, click on the desired student from the student list. Then click on the plus sign on the Log panel.

From there a new window will open up.
studentlog1 picture

In the Student Log window, click on the drop down menu to choose a log type. There are three types of logs:

  1. Student log
  2. Parents log
  3. Teacher log

studentlog2 picture

Click on the type of log and type in the box below. The date and time automatically appears on the top of the window. When you are done, click on the Save button at the bottom of the page. It will bring you back to the Student Window.

studentlog3 picture

studentlog4 picture

Each type of log is color coded as you can see from the screenshot below.

studentlog5 picture