Creating Standards

standardmenu picture

The Standards Administration page is where you set the Score/Proficient level name and its weight. To access the Standards Administration page, click on the Window drop down menu from the top bar in Teacher Studio.

It should be bring you to the Standards Administration window as seen below.

standardwindow picture


In this window, there are two panels, a left and right panel. The left side is the output of the Standard Group and its related Score/Proficient Level. The right side is where you enter the Standard Group Name, Score/Proficiency Level Name, its Weight and the description.

standardfilled picture

Enter the Group Name (e.g. Math), Score/Proficiency Level Name, the Weight and the description. Click save and it will appeared on the left panel. To create a new one, do not simply overwrite the previous one and click save. It will overwrite the previous one. To create a new one, click the NEW button.

Here is another look.

standardfilled2 picture

Note: This is not where you actually create the standards. This is where you set the grading system you will use for the standards. You create the standards in the Gradebook Module.

To Delete

To delete a Score/Proficiency Level, simply click on the name on the left panel and the red x circle.

To delete the entire Group Standard (e.g. for Math), from the drop down menu, click on the desire group and then click on the Delete Group button at the bottom of the window.