Seating Chart

You can create seating charts for each of your classes. On the left side menu, click on the Seating Chart module. seatingchart picture

seatingchartwindow700 picture

The Seating Chart window will open, like the screenshot above. At the top of the window, there is a drop down menu for each class, object shapes, and students to be displayed in pictures or names.

On the right side panel is where the picture of a student that you last clicked on, as well as the information of the objects.

Click on the class that you want to create a seating chart. All the students' pictures will appeared right underneath in the workspace area. The pictures are stacked on top of one another. Just click on it to move it around.

seatingchartclass300 picture

You can click on the Names if you preferred it to display names instead of pictures..

seatingchartnames300 picture

To add tables or other objects to the seating chart, click on the shapes.

seatingchartobjectresized700 picture

You can click the object(s) to drag it around. You can also use the boxes on the right side to enter specific coordinates as well as resizing the shape of the objects.

You can also change the color of the objects by clicking on the object and then clicking on the color box. The color palette will open up and you can choose the desired color.

seatingchartobjectscolor700 picture

You can drag the students' names or pictures to the desired place or objects.

To create a seating chart for another class, simply go to the class drop down menu and click on a different class and repeat.