Grade Schemas

Grade Schemas allow you to set up your own custom grading system.

schemamenu picture

To open up the Grade Schema Administration, click on the Window drop down menu on the top bar of Teacher Studio and then click on the Grade Schema option.

The Grade Schema Administration window will open up, as display by the screenshot below.

schema1 picture

In the Grade Schema Administration window, there are two panels - one left and one right. The one on the left allows you to add a new schema - by entering schema name, adding the grading scale and setting the threshold for that schema, and the Delete Schema box.

Add Schema

To add a new schema, click on the drop down menu Add New Schema. Type in a name for the schema, enter the grading scales and then click the blue plus sign at the right when done.

schema2 picture

After entering all the grading scales for that schema, you can set the thresholds. The threshold is where you set the exceeding (highest) and pass/fail(lowest) grade for that schema.

schema3 picture

Deleting Schema and Grading Scales

To delete a schema, from the Add New Schema drop down menu, click on the desire schema and then click on the Delete Schema box at the bottom of the window.

To delete grading scale(s) on the right panel, simply click on the minus red sign next to the desire grading scale(s).