This is where you create and run reports for grades, attendances and documents for your classes and students.

To access the report window, click on the Report Module from the left hand side menu. reportsymbol picture

Below is what the report window looks like.

reportwindow700 picture

There are three panels in the report window:

  1. Left panel: saved reports - any reports that you created and saved.
  2. Middle panel: the results of the reports you created and ran using the right panel filters.
  3. Right panel: the filters you use to create and run the reports.

Right Panel

There are two main types of report. At the top, you choose between Student Reports and Class Reports. Each report is slightly different.

Student Reports
reportstudent picture

As you can see from the screenshot above, there are some differences in the filter types. It has the start and end date of the reports, report type, class and students.

You can save the report by clicking on the save button and typing in the name of the report and click enter, or click on the green check mark next to the name bar.

To run the report, click on a student and then the run button. The report will show the results in the middle panel.

reportstudentrep2700 picture

Also note that beneath the run/save/print buttons, you can choose to show the student picture and school logo. Note: The student picture is not an option under the Class Reports.

Found beneath the show picture and school logo option, is the alignment for the picture and logo.

Class Reports
reportclass picture

Under the Class Reports, the student list is gone. It is replaced by the list of class. After choosing Class Reports, enter the start and end date, report type and click on a class from the list. Then click on the run button to run it.

reportclass2700 picture

Notice that the student picture option has been grayed out.

To run Saved reports

To run a saved reports from the left panel, click on the report you want and clicking on the student and run for student reports.

For class reports, just click in the desired report and click on the run reports.

reportsaved picture

New Reports

To create a new report, make sure you deselect the one you have saved first or it will overwrite it with the new one.

Print Reports

To print reports, click on the desired report(s) and click on the Print button.