The Gradebook is where you create assignments, project, tests, quizzes, etc. and assign grades.

To access the Gradebook, gb145 picture click on the Gradebook module from the menu on the left side of Teacher Studio.

gbmodulewindow700 picture

In the Gradebook window, there are three panels.

Left panel

The left side is a list of the assignments associated to a class. The classes can be selected from the drop down menu at the top of the list. As seen from the screenshot above, the list is empty because assignments have not be created.

Also on this panel is the plus and minus signs at the bottom of the window. The plus sign is to add new assignments and the minus is to delete assignments.

When you click on the plus sign to add an assignment, the Document Administration window will open up.


In this window, you will select the class that you want the assignment to tag to, the category, the title of the assignment, the total points, the grading type, the assigned and due dates, any notes, and whether you want the assignment to be counted toward the final grade.

gbfilled picture

In the screenshot above, a new assignment has been added to the class Photography.

Once you are finished entering the appropriate information, click on the red x in the upper right hand corner to close it. Now click on the class and your new assignment should be listed there.

gblist picture

Middle Panel

In the middle is where you can enter the grade for an assignment. Click on an assignment from the list on the left panel. In the middle panel, the category name, document name, due date and all students that you have assigned to that class will be displayed. Also found here is the class average for that assignment at the bottom.

gb2700 picture

The headings will be different between standard gradings and default gradings.

Below are screen shots for each.


For Standard, the headings include the student name, the standard, Y = yes, N = no, I = incomplete, L = late, and notes.

GBstandards700 picture


For Default, the headings include the student name, the total score, the score the student received, Y = yes, N = no, I = incomplete, L = late, and notes.

gbdefault picture

Right Panel

On the right panel, you will find the picture of the student (if there's a picture), and the missing assignment(s) for that student.

gbright picture