General Tab

Preference Picture

On this tab, you will be able to do a couple of things.

1. You can enter the starting and ending date of the school year by clicking on the calendar or typing in the date.

2. Click on the check box if you want to view the Auto Desktop when you open up Teacher Studio.

3. In the Show Due Items Within is where you enter the number of days you want items due to be shown when you are on the Desktop in Teacher Studio.

4. Here is where you can set the alternating color. In the screenshot above, it is white and yellow.

5. You can set the font type and size for the Student/Parent/Teacher Log and Planner. Both of the font type is defaulted to Verdana. The font size for the Student/Parent/Teacher Log is 11 and the Planner is 12.

To change, click on the font type and scroll up or down until you see your desire font type. To change font size, click on the box, erase the old number and type in the new desire font size.