The desktop is an overview of your classes, plans, and assignments.

From the left side menu, click on the desktop module. desktop picture

This will open the desktop module, as shown below.

desktop700 picture

On the desktop window, there two different panels.

Main Panel

There are actually three smaller panels within the middle panel.

middlepanel500 picture
1. Top - Calendar
2. Open Items
3. Lesson Plans

Top - Calendar

This portion display the default setting for the calendar, which is week view. On the left side is the number of the week and on the right side is the month and year.

There are two view modes for the calendar. The default is the top portion of the main panel. The other view is the full size view. To view the full size, double click anywhere on the calendar and it will open into full size view in weekly mode.

calendarmodeweek700 picture

At the top, there are buttons for Day, Week, Month, and Year view on the left side. On the right side, there are buttons for Today and Desktop. You can see the view for each below.

To get back to the desktop, click on the Desktop button.

Calendar View - Day

calendarmodeday700 picture

Calendar View - Month

calendarmodemonth700 picture

Calendar View - Year

calednarmodeyear700 picture

Open Items

This is where all due assignments will be listed. You can set the number of days to display assignments from the Preference setting.

openitems picture

Items are color coded. The circles on the left side are the classes to which the assignments belong. The rectangle colors are associated to the categories you set up.

The color of the due date is set by what is due first. Red = today. Orange = due within the next two days. Yellow = due within five days. Green = more than five days.

Lesson Plans

lessonplan2 picture

To add a lesson plan for a class, click on the blue plus sign at the bottom left of the lesson plan panel. The following window will open.

lessonplan1 picture

Click on the class you want to write the lesson for from the drop down menu, then the title for the lesson plan. You can also select the font type, size, etc., and then write your lesson plan.

When you are done, click on the green check mark on the right hand corner. It will open up the calendar on when you want the lesson to be taught. Click on the desired date and then the green check mark on the right hand corner. After that, the window will close and you can scroll the calendar to that date and the plans will show in the Lesson Plan window when you click on that class on that day.

lessonplanonwindow700 picture

Note: You can also view the Lesson Plan window in full size mode. Simply click on the green expand arrows in the corner in Lesson Plan window mode to expand.

lpexpand picture

Right Panel

The right panel has three separate panels.

rightpanel300 picture

  1. The top panel displays the statuses for the class. If you do not click on a class, it will determine the current class and display the information.

  2. The second box displays the student information for that class.

  3. The monthly calendar is in the last box.