Creating or Adding Classes

You create or add a class by click on the Window drop down menu from the top bar.

addclass picture

Then from the drop down menu, click on the Classes option. It will bring you to the Class Administration window.

addclasswin picture

There are four small buttons at the bottom on the left side. These are important to know and remember as it is used mostly through out the program.

  1. Plus blue circle = to add.
  2. Minus red circle = to delete.
  3. Blue circle with triangle = to clear the information or to go back.
  4. Green checkmark circle = to save.

classbuttons picture

There are also one or two buttons on the top right corner of the window.

redx picture topbuttons picture

Class Information

Here you enter the following information:

Class Meeting Dates and Times

You will also enter the start and end date, and start and end time for the class. You will also enter the day(s) the class meet. You also have the option to choose from the Every Week drop down menu how often the class meets:

Course Grading

Right below the days of the week, you can choose a Grading Schema system. The default is the 100% = A, 90% = B, etc. You can also have the option to choose a standard grading.

Note: if you do not want the default Grading Schema or want to set up your own Standard, you can set those from the Window drop down menu, option Grading Schema or/and Standard. See the screen shot at the top of this page.


You can type any notes you want about the class in the box Notes.

Once you are done filling in the necessary information for you class, click on the green check mark at the bottom of the window to add your class.

This is what the window looks like after you clicked on the green check mark to add the class. The class is now on the left panel with a pink dot.

addclass2400 picture

Assigned Students

You cannot assign students until you have added the class. So make sure you add the class by clicking on the green check mark at the bottom.

To assign students to the class, you should already have students in your student list. If you don't have any students yet, you can come back later to assigns the students.

First, click on the class you want from the left panel. Then at the bottom of the main Class Administration window, there are two buttons:

Assign Students and Advanced Scheduling. Click on the Assign Students button and it will flip to a new window.

This is what the Assigned Students window looks like.

assignstudent picture

On the left side is a list of all of the students you have. On the right side is the students you have assigned or will assign to the class.

To assign students to the class, click on the names on the left side and the click arrow pointing to the right side in the middle of the two panels.

assignstudents1300 picture assignstudents2300 picture

To remove students from the class, simply click on the student name(s) from the right side and click the arrow pointing to the left side.

When you are done, click on the back button. Once you are back on the main window, make sure you click the green check mark again to save it.

Advanced Scheduling

If your class has special requirements, this is where you would set it, for example, different meeting times, every forthnight, or A/B week.

advancedschedule400 picture

As you can see on the screenshot, for the Advanced Schedule, there's the days of the week followed by the start and ending time.

At the bottom of the window is the box to enable the Week A/B box. If you have the A/B scheduling, you can click on the box to enable it. Once you enable it, the title at the top will display Advanced Schedule (Week A)

advancedscheduleA400 picture

Once you are done with the Week A, click on the Week B box at the bottom of the window and it will prompt you with a new schedule.

advancedscheduleB400 picture

When you are done with the schedule, click done and it will take you back to the main window. Again, click on the green check mark to make sure it is saved.