Creating Category

Category is where you can set up specific categories and its weight for each class. This is also where you can set up the standards.

To access the Category Administration, click on the Window drop down menu from the top bar in Teacher Studio and then click on the Category options and the Category Administration window will open up.

categorymenu picture

In the Category Administration window, you can click on the drop down menu under the heading class. Select the class that you wish to set up categories.

categoryclass picture

Then type in the category name, percentage weight, color association and then click on the blue plus sign to add it. The category will appear on the lower panel.

Note: if you have not set up your classes, you need to do that before you can add categories

categoryfilled picture

At the bottom of the window, there's a Total percentage and a Remaining percentage. This is based on 100 percent. Also located here is the Delete All button to delete all the categories in that class.

When you are done setting up the categories for your classes, you can click on the red x in the upper right hand corner to close out of the window.

Quick Short Cut

If you just want the default category of homework 30%, test 40%, and quiz 30%, you click on the red x in the upper right corner after you choose a class to close it. It will let you know that you have define categories for that class and will ask if you would like the program to do it for you. Click yes and it will automatic generate the default categories for that class.

categorydefault picture