This is where you take attendance for each of your classes.

To access the attendance window, click on the Attendance module from the left side menu. attendance1 picture

After clicking on the Attendance module, the Attendance window will open up. See the screenshot below.

attendancewindow700 picture

Attendance Sheet Panel

From the drop down menu, select a class.

attendance2 picture

The students you have assigned to that class will appear on the attendance sheet. On the header will be Student, P = present, A = absent, T = tardy, E = excused, and notes. On top of the attendance sheet on the right side is the current date. You can change the date by clicking on the calendar on the bottom right panel.

Right Panel

On the right panel, the picture of the student you last clicked will be on display at the top. Right below is the Daily Attendance Notes for that class for that day. And again, the calendar is located at the bottom, as well as a checkbox for the Abbreviated headers.


If left checked, this is what the header will look like:
attendanceheader700 picture

If left unchecked, this is what the header will look like:
attendancewoheader700 picture

You can choose which one you want.