Teacher Studio Help Files

Hello and welcome to the Teacher Studio help files. When going through the help files, please bear in mind that it was written using the pre-Beta version of Teacher Studio. There will be slight changes to certain button designs, locations and colors, as well as new added features that were not part of the pre-Beta version.

1. Modules - Modules are on the left side menu in Teacher Studio.

1.1 Desktop Module
1.2 Gradebook Module.
1.3 Attendance Moudle
1.4 Student Module
1.5 Seating Chart Module
1.6 Reports Module

2. Administrative Windows - This is where you create/add/manage the classes, grade systems, etc.

2.1 Classes
2.2 Grade Schemas
2.3 Categories
2.4 Standards
2.5 No School/Holidays

3. General Settings - All the tabs within the preference tab, and Backup and Restore.

3.1. Preference Settings

3.1.1 General Tab
3.1.2 Security Tab
3.1.3 Calendar Tab
3.1.4 Teacher Tab
3.1.5 School Tab
3.1.6 License Tab

3.2 Backup and Restore