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iReminisce is a simple, elegant and powerful journal and diary application designed exclusively for Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or newer. With its carefully thought out interface, iReminisce allows you to write your entries with little distraction. We even made sure that any file attachments (such as pictures, movies, music files, documents, images from the web) are out of the way and stored inside its own little documents management area. We especially took the effort to make sure you don't even have to click on a button to save your entries -- iReminisce watches all of your actions and saved them automatically. It's that simple.

iReminisce was built to be easy to use. The moment you opened iReminisce, you can begin to type your thoughts for the day. If you want to enter an entry that you forgot yesterday, simply click yesterday on the date picker and iReminisce is ready for your "yesterday's thoughts."

You can even have multiple entries for each of the categories that you defined. Simply click the plus ("+") button at the bottom and start writing.
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Personalize your journal entries by assigning it to a category, selecting a mood or give it a rating using the intuitive "5" stars rating system.

Before we started building iReminisce, we took a long look at the ones currently available in the Mac App Store and read through comments that were left behind by their users. We took careful notes on which ones looks good and which ones don't. And we paired the good looking ones with the "negative" notes that were made and we went to work making sure iReminisce will be both good looking and extremely functional. Elegance is not just about looks. I't also about functionality and the ease of exploiting those functionality. Think of it as having beauty on the outside as well as having it on the inside.

Without power, iReminisce will be just another journaling software. Without power, we might as well just create a simple note or text editor and call it a day. Lomation prides itself on create SEP (simple, elegant and powerful) software, and iReminisce received great care throughout its entire development life cycle.