Data Importer, HOW-TO

  1. 7 months ago


    Aug 29 Administrator

    The TS 2 Importer app is a free standalone application that did not make it into the current 2.0 release. It will be integrated into our 2.1+ releases when they come out. To use the importer you need to export your student data into a CSV file. You need to make sure the following conditions are met:

    1. All dates must be in the format YYYY-MM-DD (ex: 2013-08-29)
    2. Any column that has a comma must be enclosed in double quotes. (ex: "Hello, world")

    Once you opened your CSV file in TS 2 Importer, you will then need to match your column/fields with a field that Teacher Studio understands. You can do this by clicking on the popup menus to the right of your fields and select the matching field. If you have rows that contains errors, they will appear at the bottom, right, side of the app. You can double-click on each row to fix the errors before importing your data.

    You can also edit any of the fields in the list above the "Failed list" by clicking on the field. Once you are done importing, please launch Teacher Studio to make sure all of the data is correct.

    Note: you do not need to use all of the fields. You are free to define/match which ever field you need to import.

  2. 6 months ago

    Are you saying that each data for each student has to be entered manually?
    I am new to Teacher Studio.

  3. 2 months ago

    TS2 importer works well, it would, however be helpful, if we could upload and allocate the students into the appropriate class from the csv file.
    Another slight problem, in Europe the date works as follows: dd-mm-yyyy and will automatically transfer the date into this order when entered differently… Would it be possible to have a choice in the date "style". Thank you for this and with regards from Switzerland

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